How it works

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1. Register Online (Click Here) to receive a Free Gofer account.

2. Check your email for your Gofer US Address sent within 5-10 mins.

3. Shop your favorite online stores or give family and friends your Gofer US Address.

4. Use the provided Gofer US Address as your shipping address when making your online purchases.

5. Login to your Gofer account to see, manage, update and notify us of all your packages.  You will also be able to perform unique actions with your packages such as hold the shipment or send to your Gofer Office.

6. Once your package is delivered to Jamaica we will clear customs and pay all fees and duties on your behalf.  We will notify you via email when your package is ready for you and you can pick it up at our office or as per your arrangement, deliver to your door.


We will always broker the best prices at customs for you (when applicable) and we boast the lowest shipping cost to Jamaica.

We also have no membership fees and our service is super fast and reliable.